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Virginia Tech Hokies Up 31 to 10 over NC State Wolfpack

The Hokies come out of the locker room red hot, and only cooled off for the middle 7 minutes of the 2nd quarter. Hokies Open the scoring with a Field Goal, and close with two touchdowns inside of 5 minutes to put up 31 on the Wolfpack.

Big Start for the Hokies
john Schneider - SB Nation

The Offense scores when needed, Quincy Can Pass, and Tech puts 31 on the board in the 1st half.

Issue Number 1, How do you win a football game when your roster is decimated by 23 players being unavailable to play, you are starting your #2 Quarterback, and he goes down with hand cramps? Well, if your Justin Fuente, you go to your team and tell them that it’s their time to shine, and they need to play their best game.

So, the Virginia Tech Hokies explode out of the blocks on offense, and jump on the Wolfpack on defense for the opening quarter. Braxton Burmeister started the game with a couple of smooth handoffs with nice gap control on the O-line. The Hokies opened the first quarter scoring with a stalled drive and a 47 yard field goal by Brian Johnson. That’s not a given in this game because Tech is down to its third string long snapper.

Divine Deablo picked off Hockman and the Hokies took advantage of short field opportunity. Tech also managed a full drive with a couple of nice passes by Burmeister.

The momentum shifted in the 2nd quarter as Burmeister ends up with a tremendous hand cramp, and Tech went dry on three consecutive drives. Eventually the field position problem was solved by NC State and they just ran the ball five or six times to grab a touchdown in the 2nd quarter with 7 or so minutes to go.

Quincy Patterson finished up the 1st half with the basic Quincy Patterson II Cheeto hammer. The Hokies looked to just burn off the final five minutes of the game with the run game, but Patterson had enough arm and James Mitchell to alter the equation with time running.. Tech didn’t take its foot off the gas.

Quincy Patterson played a great series, hitting Kaleb Smith with a low ball that Smith successfully pulled in for a critical first down. But the passing didn’t stop there. Quincy hit Tayvion Robinson in the front southwest corner of the endzone for a nice back shoulder touchdown.

NC State looked like they were about to start a drive with a shade over 2:30 left in the half, but the Hokie D shut down their chances with heavy pressure on Wolfpack QB Hockman forcing an overthrow in a deep route that had opened up. The resulting in a beautiful short clock 2:00 minute drive that included a 51 yard run by Tre Turner, and a beautiful back shoulder touchdown pass to James Mitchell in the same corner that Tayvion scored in.

NC State didn’t give up with less than a minute to go in the half, but Tech was playing a no deep ball game. The Wolfpack exhausted their final timeout of the half with 20 seconds left on the clock. The Pack got the ball to Tech’s 36 and set up for a 53 yard field goal.