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Fans weigh in on watching football, the bowl schedule & VT confidence

Hokies are expecting a solid season ahead.

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NCAA Football: Duke at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

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For many parts of the country, the college football season has arrived. This weekend marks the first set of games, even if some of the biggest programs don’t have a schedule to speak of.

Despite that, the majority college football fans don’t expect to take a break from watching the game. According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, two-thirds of college football fans said they would watch at least the same amount of football this year compared to previous years, if not more.

For now, those games don’t include the Pac-12 or the Big Ten. However, the latter has made plenty of noise about attempting to figure out a plan to play this season. While nothing has materialized yet, there is no doubt an appetite for games whenever they would potentially be scheduled.

However, the other three major college football conferences are pressing on with hopes that their COVID-19 precautions can salvage the season.

The biggest impact this could have on other conferences is what happens to bowl season. A late or spring start to the Big Ten could make for an awkward selection process. But well over half of fans said they don’t want the bowl schedule changed to fit one conference’s schedule. Which lines up well with three conferences playing and two not - basically voting along your conference line. But with so many bowl games, will many be left taking in teams with a losing record?

While there may be fewer games being played in the mid-west right now, there is still plenty of interest in match-ups that do make it to the field. According to the survey, among this week’s slate of games, more than two-thirds of fans are most excited about BYU playing Navy on Monday.

Turning our attention to the Hokies, fans expectations are already high. The latest survey of Virginia Tech fans found that nearly everyone thinks the program is heading in the right direction, which speaks well to the current roster following a disappointing end to last season.

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