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Virginia Tech Hokies Men’s Basketball Indefinitely Suspends Tyrece Radford

The body blows to Virginia Tech revenue sports keep on coming in and don’t seem to be abating much. Tyrece Radford is no longer actively with the Men’s Basketball Team. ***UPDATE****

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Syracuse
Tyrece Radford’s loss due to suspension is a major body blow to the Hokies
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According to WSLS TV Radford was arrested for DUI and Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Which is an additional hit because he was suspected of being intoxicated, even if he had a legal permit for which we do not have information.

The Team Takes a Hit

This is a brutally curt self-inflicted gut punch to the Men’s Basketball program just as we head into the tournament qualification run.

The message is abbreviated, non-tactful, and short on specifics but speaks of the kind of communication that Mike Young seems to provide. Truth delivered honestly regardless of the public relations consequences.

We’ll try to figure out what happened and if something arrives of verifiable nature we’ll pass it along. There is no sense in prejudging the situation, but indefinitely suspensions this late are usually season ending.

For now, this is a major gut punch. Radford was a major contributor to the season’s successes, and his non-presence on the active squad will be felt. Mike Young is going to have to figure out how to fill this massive hole in the starting lineup. The remainder of the 2021 run just got infinitely harder.