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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over Football: Darryl Tapp officially heads to NFL

Darryl Tapp will join San Francisco as an assistant defensive line coach. The next news will be who fills his shoes? Listen in as Bryan and John talk about some of the football events happening since the end of the season. GO HOKIES!!!!

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Darryl Tapp
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As we discussed in this space a week ago, Virginia Tech co-defensive line coach, Darryl Tapp, has officially moved on to the NFL.

While Tapp himself has yet to acknowledge the move on social media, Virginia Tech football’s Twitter account thanked Tapp and wished him well.

Even if we expected this move, it’s a tough blow. With so much of Virginia Tech’s fan base fractured over the current coaching staff and its inability to land top recruits — especially from the state of Virginia — Tapp was a breath of fresh air.

The former Virginia Tech All-American and 12-year NFL veteran was popular with fans, former players and recruits. He was beginning to make his mark in his native ‘757’ even if he was unable to meet with players face-to-face. Coaches respect Tapp for multiple reasons.

First, he was a tremendous player. Second, he has an engaging personality who happens to love Virginia Tech. Head coach Justin Fuente personally put Tapp in charge of improving relations with former players. It was working.

Andy Bitter of The Athletic made a great point regarding Tapp on Thursday.

That’s an egregious error on Fuente’s part. And it is part of the reason things are the way they are.

Defensive coordinator Justin Hamilton is similar to Tapp. These are intelligent, thoughtful, charismatic former Hokies who could help reshape Fuente’s image and his stubbornness does not allow that to happen.

While we will miss Tapp, we are all rooting for him. He is all Virginia Tech and will further pursue his coaching dreams in the NFL.

Good luck in the NFL, Mr. Tapp.

So, Let’s Talk Turkey

Now, Tapp is gone.

No one Virginia Tech will hire can adequately replace Tapp. Sure, the Hokies may find a solid coach, but that coach won’t possess everything Tapp brought to the table.