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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over the Transfer Portal and NIL

So, Joshua and John finish the football wrap-up conversation by looking at the issues involved in the Transfer Portal and some of the potential impacts of the NIL issue.

Louis Mihota back in 2019 - Gone Now
John Schneider - SB Nation

Before We Talk, We Have Some News

For those of you who were a bit nervous about the churn in the offensive line there is a really great piece of news. Lecitus Smith is staying put for the 2021 season. This is wonderful, Lecitus is a leader and developing into a first class interior lineman. Another year of film is going to make a big difference for him as he reaches for the NFL.

In case you missed it, Dorian Strong got some serious post season notices. We forget that he was a true Freshman last season, and played way above his head. Well, that effort got recognized.

Hokies in the NFL

Lemme see, lots of Hokies showing up in the playoffs this season, and lots of interesting stuff going on.

I always knew that Logan Thomas was a gamer, and I always wanted him to be what he should have been, a Tight End. Well he’s proving that those of us that thought that were dead solid perfect in our evaluation. He’s tearing it up in Washington this season.

Then there is Chuck Clark Safety for his home town Ravens

Yosuah Nijman is having a birthday on the O-Line for the #1 NFC seeded Green Bay Packers

Back to the Best Part of the 2020 Season Just Once

Still not happy that we couldn’t be there to cover, but here’s the official Commonwealth Cup highlight show. It was the most complete game that the Hokies played since the NC State opener, and if this team had been able to play all season there would have been a very different outcome.

So, Let’s Go Talk Turkey

Going back to basketball until Spring runup - if it happens.