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Hokie Heartbreak

Grit - courage and resolve; strength of character.

The one thing that you see on a Hokie helmet now is that word...grit. It’s a great thing for coaches to be able to say to their players and makes for an easy soundbite, but does it really mean anything? Today, we found out it does.

While there are many of us who are upset over the 32-29 Notre Dame win, what we saw, especially from Braxton Burmeister, was nothing short of true grit. With the game in the balance, and his team needing a quarterback after Connor Blumrick got injured, an obviously hurting Burmeister came through with an amazing 19 yard run to end a much needed touchdown drive to put Tech up 29-21.

While the rest of the game went south, with Jack Coan, coming back after a first half of misery to become the 2nd incarnation of Joe Montana, the team kept fighting for all they were worth, but came up that little bit short losing to a 48 yard field goal by Johnathan Doerer.

What we are left with is a fork in the road. The Notre Dame loss, just like the WVU loss, were non-conference. We are still holding firm, with Pitt, at the top of the Coastal with no conference losses. This means that the game on October 16th has the potential to be the biggest game the Hokies play all season.

Grit - courage and resolve; strength of character. Is it just a word or is it a Hokie? We’ll find out soon enough.