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Too Much for the Hokies: Miami beats a defeated Hokies squad

Virginia Tech v Miami
J.C. Price at Miami in his first appearance as head coach for the Hokies
Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

While JC Price and Connor Blumrick, who had 132 yards on the ground, did all they could, the Hokies were unable to beat a passionate Miami squad and fell short 38-26 Miami.

While Braxton Burmeister played in the early parts of the game, Connor Blumrick played mostly in the second half and had a few good drives to his name. It wasn’t enough, as nothing was going to be enough tonight, but the effort was there the whole time. That’s what JC brought to this game. The effort and energy was papabile, but unfortunately, the execution was not there at all.

As the rain, which was on and off for the whole game, started falling even harder in the second half, the Hokies kept trying to do more to stay in the game.

JC Price’s call for an onside kick was tremendous. The Hokies were able to come up with the ball and got a touchdown to get the game to a reasonable 26-31 score line.

That was as close as the Hokies were able to make the game. Miami took the ball back, got another touchdown, and then salted away the rest of the game after Virginia Tech was unable to do much with the ball on offense.

Besides kicking field goals, the special teams for Virginia Tech were atrocious. Not sure what happened this week to make this such a glaring issue, but the Hokies will need to do much better to beat UVA next week.

Even though the Hokies lost, there were large parts of the game that were more enjoyable than anything since the North Carolina game earlier this season. The defense had a hard time stopping Miami, especially in the first half, but the positives of the offense and the back and forth nature of the game, allowed for hope at least through a large part of the 4th quarter.

Speaking of UVA, they have time to work with extra preparation time it being Thanksgiving Week. They will need every minute to fix some of the issues on special teams and defense as were both lacking heavily during the game against Miami.

There was a massive change with Justin Fuente losing his job on Tuesday, but the Hokies were unable to overcome the issues that came with his loss against Miami. UVA is next.