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Whit! Don’t Do it! Just Stay Where You Are for Now!

Update: It looks like it’s Pry official announcement will be this afternoon. Things are dictated, and a final guest post is called for before John comes back full time in January. Whit Babcock is about to make a major mistake by spending big money on a “promotion” hire from outside. In a hurricane of coaching insanity that this program cannot afford.

The Hokie Bird on the pushup board. Maybe it’s time to stick with a known Hokie.
John Schneider-SB Nation

Dear Whit,

Please stop. Put the checkbook away for now. Once Lincoln Riley left Oklahoma, Brian Kelly leaves Notre Dame for LSU, and your rumored primary target headed for Florida and huge money, it became obvious that you had no way of competing for anyone better than you already have. Pete Thamel is reporting the following:

Pry might be a really excellent DC and he does have some connections to Tech (3 years as a GA under Foster), but this move is taking a huge risk. We really need an offensive specialist who can get some quality quarterback candidates in the locker room.

I realize that you stepped into a hurricane and your umbrella has been torn to shreds, but the wise thing to do is go back inside and figure out how to hunker down and wait out the storm; not stay out and challenge the wind.

In case you haven’t been reading the Hokie Nation social media, Hokies don’t necessarily cotton to outsiders, given the bad taste left in everyone’s mouths given the last outsider hires (Dooley and Fuente). AND Dooley was only someone that those of us with gray hair remember. So, either pull the trigger on Pry, now, or offer something decent to Price. Just stay away from flashy very expensive outsiders, please.

If you want a bit of program peace, and a chance to figure out where things are going, do yourself and this school (and alumni fanbase) a chance to breathe. Either offer Pry and make the announcement immediately without being cagy; or offer JC Price a nice paycheck, some rent-a-car access, and a country club membership to stick around for a few years to see if he can work it out. Either way, you need to stabilize this staff, and Hokie Nation better buckle up for another major transition.

Just my humble opinion, and believe me there are lots of “I wanna WINNER!!!!” folks who disagree with me, but I am one of those gray-haired old men who remember the 1970s. You are drag racing a Dodge Charger sporting a 440 six pack; and you’re driving a 327 Chevy Nova (with a 3-speed automatic). You’re going to get smoked, and there are no handicaps in this quarter mile.

Best of Luck...