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The Hokies find a new way to lose

Virginia Tech v Boston College
Jaelen Gill reacting to a TD scored by the Eagles
Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

After a season of ups and downs, the Hokies find a new way to lose getting beaten 17-3. Boston College was resurgent with Phil Jurkovec back in action after being out for a few weeks with a severe hand injury he suffered against UMass.

The Hokies were unable to move the ball in the air because of a an injury to Braxton Burmeister that kept him out of the of the second half. While his shoulder seems to still be an issue, it looked as though his ribs were injured this time.

There was no way Knox Kadum was going to be able to fill the role of Braxton Burmeister without a full week of practice, and even then who knows. Without throwing consistently to the middle of the field and learning the progressions, I’m not sure that he had a realistic chance to have success.

This left a defense to try and hold Boston College to less than 3 points. Something impossible for a team that is still learning its identity.

Boston College ran for 234 yards and dismantled the Hokie front 4. The holes were big and there was no way the front 4 of Virginia Tech had a chance to stop the running game of the Eagles. Before the Hokies could rest, the front line of BC was on top of the linebackers and DBs of the Hokies.

What’s left?

The Hokies are now 4-5 and in dire need of a win. They get to come home and play a Duke team that cannot seem to find itself. While this should be a win, it isn’t something that the Hokie faithful are going to get all that excited about.

After that, the Hokies have Miami and UVA on the road. If they happen to beat Duke, they will need a win over at least one of the final two games to make a bowl. I’m not sure that will be enough to have Justin Fuente keep his job, but that is for a later discussion. A bowl would be a welcome site considering where we are right now.