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UVA’s Scott Stadium Name Changes on Google Maps

Don’t ask how, just appreciate that it happened.

Lane Stadium North Zoom In
Jay Johnson

When I first heard about it I thought it must be a photo edit job, but then I got on Google Maps myself and took a gander at the Virginia Cavaliers’ football stadium, Scott Stadium. Sure enough, the name had been changed to “Lane Stadium North.”

Lane Stadium North Full Zoom Out
Jay Johnson

Those of you familiar with the surrounding area will recognize the streets of Charlottesville and the UVA campus.

Lane Stadium North Full Zoom In
Jay Johnson

As one zooms in on the screen capture, it can be seen that the insignia of the Virginia Cavaliers has been tagged, dead center, as “Lane Stadium North.”

But, that isn’t where the fun stopped. Even the overview page listed the name of Scott Stadium as “Lane Stadium North.”

Lane Stadium North Overview Page
Jay Johnson

Additionally, the latest photos section was completely filled with captures of interim head coach, J.C. Price, lighting a fat cigar on the field, the fans rushing the field, a Virginia Tech flag, and the Lane Stadium North fan sign.

Lane Stadium North Latest Photo JC Price
Jay Johnson
Lane Stadium North VT Fans Rush Field
Jay Johnson
Lane Stadium North Latest Photo VT Flag
Jay Johnson
Lane Stadium North Latest Photos Fan Sign
Jay Johnson

I don’t know how the Google Maps information is maintained or updated. The Google Maps entry for Lane Stadium North has been changed back to the previous name of Scott Stadium and the latest photos reverted to something less VT-centric. I don’t know when it happened, but for a few short hours yesterday it read as what you see above, and I was able to collect the screen shots before the Google Maps information was changed back. Whomever is responsible... well done. WELL DONE INDEED!