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Virginia Tech Hokies Men’s Basketball Rises to #16 in the AP Poll

Well it was only 4 spots, but the Hokies Men’s Basketball Team is up to #16 in the AP Poll. Breaking the 15 barrier is going to be tough sledding for February. And it was Snowball Fight Time at Virginia Tech!

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Notre Dame
Playing the boards...
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The AP Writers Seem to have FINALLY Discovered Virginia Tech

There hasn’t been much love dished out to Hokies by the AP sports voters over the years. Last season the program had to take a step back as Mike Young got his feet up underneath him, and reworked the bench and program office. The Hokies struggled a bit last year, and then the disappointment of the cancellation of any type of post season tournament set left the entire issue hanging, unresolved for 2019-2020. Well it looks like the 2020-2021 season should put the old one into a box and put it in the back of the closet.

Mike Young took a core squad, some of his transfer students, like Keve Aluma, and took to the empty venues of the 2nd COVID season, to set the record straight. That was then, and this is now.

It is a bit annoying that the Wahoos, are still ranked ahead of us, even though their overall record isn’t as good... their 11-3 versus our 13-3.. but we’ll have to make that up by beating them again in the make-up game, in John Paul Jones Arena.

Something Else the Hoos Don’t Have

And now for a little fun: As reported by WSLS TV, Gobbler Country brings you 16 seconds of pure joy from the middle of the drill field. It snowed this weekend, and as the first official significant snowfall that triggered one of the biggest organized happy mayhem’s in collegiate history. The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets vs. Civilian Snowball Fight! The last 6 years there have only been 3 opportunities for Hokies to load up and hurl snow at each other. The conditions were excellent. The snow, unlike the last powdery fiasco, was easy to pack and resulted in a quality free for all on the Drill Field. There are few things like it on any campus in America, and I can tell you from personal experience that the bruises, scrapes, numb fingers, and icy rushes of snow down your collar are worth every second.

Personal history: The snowball fights of late Fall 1977 and 1978 were conducted between the students living on the Upper Quad (Brodie, Rasche, Major Bill, Shanks, Monteith, Femoyer and Thomas Halls) with the students from the Lower Quad (Berringer, Newman, Miles, Johnston, Lee, Prichard, both AJs - though that was a long trek for them) the fights were done at night, and neither made it to the drill field. There used to be a huge lawn on the Mall where Torg and the Arch connect to the Library. Right in front of Brodie... We’d go traying down the hill there. The fight usually wound up to the big open space beside Schultz Dining Hall... and then everyone would hit the McDonalds and Burger King afterward for goodies. Of all of the students who lived in the dorms on the Upper Quad, and played in the snow those two years, Brodie, Rasche, Monteith and Thomas are gone. Schultz is gone, too. The great open spaces around the original campus are all taken up by buildings Lane, Femoyer, Shanks, and Major Bill are all academic buildings. They haven’t replaced Montieth or Thomas.

But the echoes of our epic snowball fights ring to this day.