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Virginia Tech Hokie Sports Round-Up: 1st Edition for 2021

It’s been a while, so it’s time to restart the Hokie non-revenue sport roundup. Normally this is a Jay operation, but he’s out defending the country, and we still need to report on as many Hokie Athletic events as we can. SO LET’S GO HOKIES!!!

Hokie Bird handing out fives at Cassell before Selection Sunday 2019
John Schneider - SB Nation

Hokie Women’s Basketball

It’s been a tough sort of up and down season for women’s hoops. There have definitely been some up moments but two programs have bowed out of the competition due to COVID issues (Duke and Virginia) and the league has been missing some prime competition. The Lady Hokies are a bit ahead of the power curve over all, at 10-7 but are 5-7 in the conference, and the season is winding down to the final stretch. (6 games left - all ACC)

They are on a 3 game win streak, so hopefully have built up some momentum. They head to Coral Gables, tomorrow to take on 8-7 Miami.

Here are some highlights from the big win over Pitt:

Hokie Wrestling

There is something special about a group of young people (in this case men) who take a team attitude into an individual sport. Wrestling has to be one of the most personal, individual athletic competitions in the world, with the exception of Judo. The general martial arts (and that’s what wrestling is) category for it is “ground fighting”. The rules are strict, and the weight classes limit the competition to similarly sized individuals, so the “draw” aspect is what you are fighting against. (personal note: Frankly, it’s the most mentally and physically torturous -er um challenging- sport in which I ever took part.)

The Hokies are great at it, and this season has been an amazing feat of individual effort and team success. Currently the Hokies are ranked 4th in the polls.

So let’s see some of those rankings for the individuals. Their weight classes are listed under their names - for those not familiar with the sport.

It’s time to sit up and take some notices. These are special very physical athletes competing in a sport that is a match of strength and strategy - one on one with another athlete.

Hokie Golf

We don’t talk about golf a whole lot. It’s a game of middle aged salesmen and ladies who gave up tennis at the club, right? Nope... not to these young people, especially the Women’s team, who have managed to make it into the top 10 in major tournament of Collegiate Women’s Golf. This was the first tournament for them in almost a year, so the showing was really good. The men’s team crushed a big win in the Oldfield Tournament with a big first outing as well.

You have to wonder if they jump to Sandman before teeing up at the pro tips.

The scoring breakdown for the tournament for the men ended up:

WOW... a team score of 20 under... most golfers would sell their tickets to the Masters’ for a 1 handicap.

Hokie Softball

The season starts up in earnest this week. So here is a little hope hype. The softball team is really good, and they expect to have a great result after having a huge chunk of last season cancelled.

Three Tech players have made the pre-season All-ACC team:

Congratulations to Jayme Bailey, Kelsey Bennett and Keely Rochard.

The Hokies open away in Kennesaw, GA on February 13th.

So that’s the wrap for today. We will be reviewing the Baseball Roster in anticipation of the February 17th opening pitch over at English Field (Atlantic Union Bank Stadium).