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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over Hokie Football News

Bryan and John spend a few minutes talking about the changes going on with the football team and the prospects for Spring.

Andrew up close back in the day.
John Schneider - SB Nation

National signing day passed on without so much as a peep from many schools, Virginia Tech was definitely one that finished its official acceptance list on Early Signing Day. Of course, as Coach Fuente noted when talking to reporters about Signing Day prospects in general, that the Early Signing Day has really become the de facto ‘official signing day’. It seems that the late January early February chase is mostly for Transfer Portal and straggler signings.

The big news has been and will still be the departure of Darryl Tapp for the pro coaching ranks (49ers) and the pickup of Hokie Great JC Price. We all love Darryl, wish that he had stayed to push his potential with the Hokies, and the move was a bittersweet one for Hokie Nation. HOWEVER!!! He was replaced with another Hokie Giant of the Defensive Line, from the golden era of Hokie football. JC Price comes to us with excellent coaching chops, great area high school recruiting contacts, and he’s all about Hokie football. If you have to trade excellence with potential, it’s tonic to get excellence with proven ability for a replacement.

JC has already been caught hanging at Macado’s doing the real estate rounds of Blacksburg, and getting his family ready to move back home. His wife is Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame Women’s Basketball star, Jenny Root. It’s going to be special. It’s got that “feel” to it.

We all wait for news of Spring and Spring Practice. This team really needs a full football season. Last year the main issue was program training consistency and that steady even learning curve for both coaches and players. The new defensive staff really needed the 2020 Spring practice to happen. This change will make it even more necessary.

Let’s Talk Some Turkey

Let’s keep hoping. The schedule is in pencil, per Justin Fuente. Let’s hope they change that to Sharpie. College football needs to return to ‘normal’ as soon as possible.