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Virginia Tech Softball Postpones Games and Announces a Program Pause

We were hoping to get some pictures this weekend. The first game was a probable rainout but the weather looked like a shift to an afternoon set would work. So it was a shock last evening to see the postponement.

Hoping for a better day
Kathryn Schneider - SB Nation

So, the weather wasn’t looking very good for Saturday, morning around first pitch time for the softball team. Army was scheduled to visit, and it looked like a great game to cover. I was hooked up with the Against All Enemies Site to get them some photography (everyone knows that my other college team is Army) and I was scouting the weather report hoping that at least one game would happen during an anticipated afternoon break in the predicted rainfall.

So I hopped on Hokie Sports to look to see if the games were shifted around and fire off an email to the media folks over there to make sure that my name would still be on the list. And I saw this on the main softball page.

The Twitter feed posted up the following:

That was that. Nothing else has come out on the feed, and certainly no word has been sent out to media on the list.

One would hope that this is a very regular false positive test. The softball team had gotten on a good roll, was 7 - 2 overall with a solid couple of series victories over Clemson and Florida State giving them a 4 - 2 record in ACC Play. That’s just outstanding, especially because the series wins were on the road.

It’s heartbreaking to see the last sentence of that announcement. Not the one about the protocols and such. Maybe I should have said penultimate sentence. The one that reads; “[i]t has yet to be determined when the program will resume team activities and return to competition.” That statement doesn’t offer a huge amount of hope. Please let us be reading too much into it. For now, Virginia is still on the schedule for March 9.

We certainly hope that there is some semblance of a resolution to this that keeps the Hokie softball team in competition this season. These young athletes work very hard and this set of pandemic policies have certainly made the job even more difficult.

We’ll keep you up to date and hope to see the Hokie Softball team back on the field in the next few weeks.