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Virginia Tech Hokie Sports Roundup: 3rd Edition: ACC Men’s Indoor Track Champs!

There is a big reason to celebrate this weekend. It’s not the unfortunately COVID bite on the Softball team’s schedule. The Men’s Indoor Track Season has been a good one, and this weekend it again grabbed an ACC Championship.

Hokie Bird Does Burnt Orange Well
John Schneider - SB Nation

I am an old slow guy who could never run, and certainly could neither jump nor put a shot. If you have ever seen a pumpkin impaled on a stick... that’d be me pole vaulting, and you could time my sprints with a calendar - frankly it was faster to walk.

So, Track and Field has always been something that I’d watch when it was on ABC Wide World of Sports, or the Summer Olympics. Well, the ACC’s actually a good track conference, and guess who is one of the regular top teams in ACC Track and Field, both indoor and outdoor.

So, this week the Virginia Tech Hokie Men’s track team, lead by record setting Jacory Patterson, blew the competition away and finished 55 points ahead of the second place team (Carolina).

Let’s take a stroll through the winning performances by Hokies for the Tournament:

First we get Antonio Lopez Segura who ran a blistering 5K for the Gold.

Ben Nibbelink put up a Silver medal effort in the 3,000 meters.

Bashir Mosavel-Lo nips a win at the finish for the 800M pushing his best performance ever.

Of course Jacory Patterson is a human rocket, blowing through record after record.

And he did his best Mercury impression by grabbing a Gold Medal for the 400M.

Sean Murphy did the jack of all trades Bronze for the Heptathlon event, and as the sign says - first time for a Hokie!

So with more running going on.. how about that pole vault thing. Well lookee here... a Silver for Harrison Rice!

How about tossing really heavy objects far away from you? Well, Tyson Jones is pretty good at it with a Silver in the Shot Put.

And the man of the week was, like we said, Jacory Patterson as the MVP of the competition.

See, they even got the hat!

So we’ll leave the track and field wrap with a cool silver medal winning triple jump by Chauncey Chambers, talk about a hop, skip, and jump!

We could keep piling these up, but it would get really big, and we haven’t even gotten to some of the Women’s efforts, and we’ll get a separate update out about that because we don’t want them left out. They didn’t win their championship, but they did well with some fine and often inspiring performances. So we’ll give them the dignity of their own article.

At the risk of throwing out a huge pun for which several of my friends and loved ones will accuse me of causing some sort of eye or kidney disease... The Virginia Tech Hokies absolutely ran away with this one. And to think that the Spring track season is just about to start up and we’ll be reporting some things about that, too.

What a great performance, and there will be more. That’s 8 Men’s Championships since the Hokies joined the ACC.