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Duke Men’s Basketball COVIDs Out of Post Season

Well, COVID is still stirring things up, and knocking teams out of contention, and competition. Tech has taken two hits, and now Duke has taken a big one on the chin just as they were on the up swing.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Duke Louisville
Duke is out... next season guys... next season.
Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this just about says most of it all for the Blue Devils. Nothing fancy, just a text tweet and then a follow up by Coach K.

The event sort of reminds us of the difficulty of the season that just passed, and the crippled and pause riddled season that is just finishing. You have to wonder how many teams this is going to hit, besides Duke.

FSU advances automatically, and we wait to play UNC this evening.

It’s just a reminder that in this climate, the entire season can rest on one fouled test. I frankly never thought that I’d feel bad for Duke. They have been riding so high for so long that there is always a part of you, as a fan of another team, that wants to put out the “high fives”, and “oh yeah’s”... but nope... not this time... beaten fair and square is one thing. Getting chopped off at the knees by a booger on a cotton swab, that really blows... all puns intended.

See you next season, there Duke. We’ll be better and get it done on the court.