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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Talks the end of Basketball and some Football, Too.

Bryan and John talk about the end of the 2021 basketball season, the tournament and Selection Sunday coming. Our loss in the ACC Tourney makes the post season all about Dancing. GO HOKIES!!!

Still haven’t added the Park Name (Atlantic Union) to the boxes.
John Schneider - SB Nation

There are a bunch of things to show you before we start to talk turkey. The first big issue is the disappointing fade loss to UNC in the ACC Tournament. Bryan already did the review, but there is just something to add. The Wahoos are out, too. It seems that they got hit with a very high level COVID contact and had to bow out of the ACC Tournament as we announced earlier in the week, but the upshot is that they are still listed as being in NCAA Tournament “limbo” there is a dim light at the end of their tunnel, but there is no telling if it’s another COVID freight or the end of the road. Kansas is also in the same position.

It all will go down to the fact that there will be lots of questioning the wisdom of playing the conference championship tournaments. That argument will probably stink up the place for a while.

Suffice it to say that Tech is waiting for its name to be called on Selection Sunday, and praying that there isn’t another COVID related hit to the opportunity. It has been obvious that the Hokies have been negatively impacted, performance wise, by their dual February COVID hits. Folks need to understand the nature of the quarantines and extreme limitations of practice and even association during those periods. Many teams have had crippling forced layoffs this season.

March Madness might take on a completely different meaning when a big part of the qualifying will be purely the ability to show up to play. If UVA and Kansas can’t get into the opening round of 64, the field will be that much poorer. I’ve said this before, I don’t want UVA to win anything, at all ever... but on the field not because of some fouled medical test.

So, Let’s Talk Turkey

The First Big Ask for the Dance


How deep will Tech go into the tournament? - We’ll just go through to the semis, here.

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    Out in round 1
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    Out in round 2
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    Sweet Sixteen
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    Elite Eight
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    Final Four
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Okay, Big Baseball Article coming for Monday.