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Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball Ends Season with 70-75 OT Loss to Florida in Round 1.

It was a close game all the way, and even late regulation heroics to tie it up at 64 a piece by Nahiem Alleyne just couldn’t pump up the OT energy.. Tech falls by 5 in OT, and ends its season on a bittersweet note.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Virginia Tech at Florida
Almost... Not quite
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

That was hopeful, and right up until the overtime opened and the gas seemed to come out of the Tech energy level, the Hokies and Gators played a game that was a serious four point at any one time nail biter.

Nahiem Alleyne might end up getting the big honorifics for this one, even with the loss. He was pure gold at the end when the Hokies needed to close the gap in the waning seconds.

It just wasn’t to be this year. So, the Men’s team puts the 2020-2021 season of strange behind them with lots of good things to chew on for the off season and preparation for the start of action in November of 2021.

This team is very young, and very good. There are some holes here and there, but there will always be things to fix. Mike Young has assembled a program that will have to be noticed from now on, and certainly this will not be their first appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

The 2021 stretch run will always be the story of how the wheels wobbled up on this team’s race car. The long February COVID related lay off did no one any favors, especially because practices were almost non-existent due to the limitations of the quarantine. The second hit at the end of February, beginning of March just added stink to the unattractive situation.

Hopefully 2021-2022 will end up with a better result, but truthfully there is little room to complain. This is the second season under Young. The Hokies were picked to be 11th in the ACC and ended up 3rd overall. We were supposed to be happy with a possibility of an NIT bid...

That didn’t happen, and that’s special.

This is going to be a fun run for a while. Virginia Tech Men’s Basketball is back, and there are no indications that they’re going anywhere but up.

Good run guys... See you next season, as a fan.