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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Louisville Cardinals: GAME CANCELLED -UPDATE NC STATE TOO

UPDATE: The NC State game has been cancelled, too. You’ve heard of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon... well now it’s COVID. Someone somewhere got tagged in a contact tracing web and so the Louisville game is cancelled. The season closer at NC State is still on the schedule, though.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Miami-Florida
You! You... ugh...
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: The NC State Game has also been cancelled. As we suspected...

More Heartburn and Agita...

So, I opened my Twitter feed, after a nice dinner of chicken meatballs and veggie pasta... only to be greeted with this unpleasant announcement.

The NC State season finale is still on the schedule (NOT!), but who knows anymore? Where’s Jay’s frustration and exasperation GIF when you need it?

Some days more than the marinara sauce gives you heart burn. UGHHH!!!!