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Virginia Tech Hokies’ Mike Young Named ACC Coach of the Year

This recognition is richly deserved. Mike Young is the real deal. He’s home. He’s with us. AND He’s ACC Coach of the Year. Congratulations Coach! GO HOKIES!!

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Miami-Florida
ACC Coach of the Year... Face diaper and all...
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well, what else can you say but yup, this is true.

Look, no one is kidding anybody. A big chunk of Hokie Nation was really disappointed a couple of years in the past. Buzz had ditched us for our sister school Texas A&M in the big bad mean ole SEC. And Whit Babcock was in the early spurts of the anti-you-know-who-itis. So, he shakes his Magic Eight Ball, and looks in the little weird blue window, and the die in the thing pops up “You figure it out, big boy.”

Whit figured it out, all right. He shook his coaching tree contacts and came up with a local guy in a close by program that almost nobody even heard of. Wofford? What the heck was Wofford? Where in bloody blue tarnation IS Wofford anyway?

Then the gripes came in over the scuppers. It’s a tiny private school. There’s no cache, no big names, no hoopla. Except, there was that thing where the Wofford basketball program was a real winner, and had made the NCAA tournament more than once. Along with that little hat tip to some local Radford High graduate who went to Emory and Henry - of all places. But ‘everyone’ was looking for some big name from some small league program who wanted to move up to the collegiate basketball major leagues. Funny, how they didn’t notice that’s just what Mike Young did.

Coach Young was genuinely excited to be the new coach at Tech. He even brought a few players over with him. We don’t know who they are, do we? His first season wasn’t much to write home about and the doubters seemed to be ready to pounce. Then COVID happened, the door slammed on March Madness 2020, and the Hokies lost nearly everyone from that team.

2021 rolled around, and a happy, cheerful, and engaged Men’s Basketball Head Coach was making the most of a situation that outsiders doubted, and he didn’t.

His record now speaks for itself, and the doubters have put a collective sock in the complaint pipe. Almost no one doubts that Mike Young was an inspired hire by Whit Babcock, and we all are hoping for a bit of Beamer legend magic happening for the long term in the Hokie Basketball Program.

Congratulations to Coach Young. We think that he’s just what the doctor ordered for a Hokie Bird who had sort of lost a bit of hope for the men’s basketball team. He’s the real deal, and we all should look for the brand of popcorn that he’s eating.