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Virginia Tech football: Devon Hunter accepts plea deal, offers apology

Hunter wants to return to Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech v Virginia
Devon Hunter
Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

Former four-star safety Devon Hunter reached a plea agreement on Tuesday from charges that led to his arrest last September, just before the Virginia Tech Hokies were set to begin their 2020 college football season.

Here is Hunter’s statement in full, which he released on Twitter:

With a sincere and humble heart, I submit this statement. First, I apologize to my mother, sister, brother, family, extended family, and friends. I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers. Next, I apologize to Virginia Tech, the football coaches and staff, my teammates, and all of Hokie nation for not living up to the standards of Virginia Polytechnical Institute. Although the accusations that led to my arrest and subsequent suspension were greatly exaggerated, I must acknowledge where my behavior may have contributed to the escalation of the incident. I was raised by a single mother, whom I love dearly. She has always taught me to cherish and respect ladies, making this incident even more of an embarrassment. I regret hurting you the most, Maw, in no way do I condone domestic violence. I also encourage individuals, male or female, in a situation that compromises their physical or mental wellbeing to remove themselves and seek help from the proper authority. Those closest to me wished that I fought these allegations until I was vindicated. However, to no longer delay me completing college and continuing in the pursuit of my life’s dreams, I have accepted a plea. This was the most challenging decision of my life. Again, I humbly ask for the forgiveness of Virginia Tech, the athletics department, my team, and the fans. I regret any disappointment I may have caused you. To those following my journey and praying for me to return to football, I want to do nothing more than make you proud of me on and off the field.

When Virginia Tech announced Hunter’s suspension on Sept. 14, he was projected to be Virginia Tech’s starter at rover.

In his statement, Hunter did not admit guilt, but he did say he understood how his behavior might have contributed to the escalation of the incident. We will update this story once we receive clarity on Hunter’s plea.

Hunter is definitive in his statement he wants to return to the field. And not just anywhere, but with the Hokies. I am sure this is the outcome everyone would like, especially the current coaching staff. Hunter is a popular young man in Blacksburg, in part, because of his love for Virginia Tech and his work ethic. However, that decision may not lie in Whit Babcock's or Justin Fuente’s hands.

Hunter has apologized for this incident and looks to move forward in his life and football career.