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Another Virginia Tech Hokies Football 2021 Season Preview

You saw what John had to say, but here is another take on the Hokies’ 2021 Football Season!

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hello everyone! Well, one last season preview before the year kicks off later this evening. If you’ve not had a chance to see what he had to say, please check it out in:

1. North Carolina Tar Heels: As of this writing there are some stars missing from UNC. The problem is that North Carolina has a bit of depth in the places where they took a hit. Josh Downs and Emery Simmons are ready to step up for the injured WRs, Beau Corrales and Khafre Brown. I think UNC is a dark horse CFB playoff contender. Mac Brown has done absolute wonders at Chapel Hill. I’d love to see the Hokies take advantage of some of the Tar Heels star players being out, but… I am pretty convinced this is a loss.

2. Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders: Last year MTSU went 3-6. This is the first of VT’s “must win” games and I see no reason to surmise that VT doesn’t steamroll the Blue Raiders.

3. West Virginia Mountaineers: WVU is poised to be a threat in the Big 12 and is almost sure to make a bowl game. This is the first of Virginia Tech’s “push” matchups. The Hokies must go to Morgantown and beat the Mountaineers. If VT is not 2-1 after this game things could start to look ugly early.

4. Richmond Spiders: An FCS matchup. VT is as sure a win as one can be. If they some how lose this game… Coach Fuente better get that resume ready.

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish: The second expected loss for the Hokies. Notre Dame looks to challenge for the CFB Playoff this year, but at least the Fighting Irish must travel to Blacksburg. It sure would be cool if the Hokies pull the upset, but I think the best-case scenario for VT, after their fifth match, is 3-2.

6. Pittsburgh Panthers: The Panthers are an outside threat to win the Coastal. It is very outside, but this could be one of the better Pitt defenses fielded in the last decade. This game worries me a lot. Coach Fuente and company have been smoked in two of the last three meetings but did manage to shut them out 28-0 in 2019. The Hokies will be challenged. If VT finds themselves 3-3 here all is not lost. Best case, Virginia Tech is 4-2.

7. Syracuse Orange: I ranked the Orange dead last in my ACC rankings. VT has struggled when they had to travel to Syracuse, but this year they host. At a minimum the Hokies must leave this game with their fourth win. Best case – fifth win.

8. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Another team I ranked near the bottom of the ACC. It is an away game, but GT is still struggling to transition from Paul Johnson’s triple option. This is a Coastal win they need to earn.

9. Boston College Eagles: I think BC is a dangerous team. In my ACC rankings I stated that the Eagles would be the team to beat for best of the rest in the Atlantic and that hasn’t changed. It doesn’t help that VT has to travel to Mass for this game. The Hokies beat the pants off BC last year, but this season I think it is a push, at best.

10. Duke Blue Devils: The last sure win game for the Hokies. Ideally VT earns bowl eligibility and secures a winning season after this game. Best case scenario is the Hokies win their eighth game.

11. Miami Hurricanes: There’s too much talent in Miami. Assuming injuries or acts of deities don’t change the nature of the matchup, the Hokies will likely lose down in Florida.

12. Virginia Cavaliers: Yeah, VT definitively brought the Commonwealth Cup back to Blacksburg last year, but the Cavaliers look to be a much more capable team this season. I hope the Hokies don’t find themselves in this situation, but this game could be the deciding factor on whether the Hokies finish the season bowl eligible and / or with a winning season.

2021 VT Season:

1. UNC – Loss

2. MTSU – Win

3. WVU – Push

4. Rich – Win

5. ND – Loss

6. Pitt – Push

7. CUSE – Win

8. GT – Win

9. BC – Push

10. Duke – Win

11. MIA – Loss

12. UVA – Push

Most Likely: 7-5 + Bowl, I think the Hokies will drop two of the “push” games. If they drop three, our bowl eligibility could be in danger.

Best Case: 9-3 + Bowl. I think this is highly unlikely. Possible, but not probable.

Worst Case: 5-7 & No Bowl. Sadly, I think this is much more likely than the improbable 9-3 record.

I stand, stalwart and prepared, to receive your disdain and discontent in the comments.


What do you think the ceiling and floor is for the Hokies in 2021?

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  • 7%
    Ceiling: 12-0, Floor: 9-3
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  • 20%
    Ceiling: 9-3, Floor: 5-7
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  • 20%
    Ceiling: 10-2, Floor: 6-6
    (27 votes)
  • 30%
    Ceiling: 8-4, Floor: 7-5
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  • 20%
    Ceiling 7-5; Floor 5-7
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