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Virginia Tech football: Brent Pry has a message for Hokie Nation

One day after Pinstripe Bowl loss, Brent Pray has a message for Hokie Nation.

Pinstripe Bowl - Virginia Tech v Maryland Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

The Justin Fuente era ended with Wednesday’s blowout loss to the Maryland Terrapins in the Pinstripe Bowl. The loss ended a disappointing period that encapsulated many of the problems of Fuente’s regime all in one game: no quarterback, lack of depth and talent due to recruiting failures and a poor offensive scheme/playcalling.

While the game’s result was a difficult pill to swallow for Hokie Nation, we can all officially turn the page and look forward to better days.

On Thursday, new Virginia Tech head coach Brent Pry offered words of encouragement to every Virginia Tech player, alumni, former player and fan. Pry took to Twitter and said 10 words on a graphic of Lane Stadium with the sun setting in the background.

Pry’s tweet read: “Hokie Nation, Stay Proud & Stay Together! Our Future Is Bright!”

And just like that, all was well in Blacksburg, even after an ugly defeat in a meaningless bowl game.

Pry was in attendance at Yankee Stadium and even appeared on camera for an interview during the game. During his interview, Pry was explaining to the commentators what Virginia Tech was going to be about under his watch and, during that time, Maryland’s offense broke free and scored a long touchdown.

Afterward, Maryland’s official Twitter account released the following tweet, which tells us all we need to know about the Maryland football program.

I will let former Hokie Shayne Graham express how we all feel on this one.

Of course, I chimed in, too.

Maryland coach Mike Locksley “improved” to 15-49 with the win after defeating a depleted Virginia Tech roster that saw players leave early for the NFL draft and NCAA transfer portal, including the starting quarterback, both starting wide receivers, an All-ACC offensive lineman, half of it’s starting defensive line and top cornerback.

Pry hadn’t even taken over yet and was only there to support J.C. Price and the players. Just in case you were wondering, Pry has plenty of experience going against Maryland as the former defensive coordinator of Penn State.

Care to know how that went for the mighty Terps?

The Nittany Lions went 6-2 against Maryland during Pry’s time in Happy Valley. In 2021, the Nittany Lions defeated Maryland, 31-14. Some past results in Penn State’s favor include 66-3, 38-3 and 59-0. So, yeah, the Terps were going to enjoy some rare success against what they thought was a Pry-coached team. Only it wasn’t.

Maryland finished the season 7-6, which is tantamount to winning a Super Bowl for the Terrapins.

Anyhow, congrats, Maryland, on a nice win. Tagovailoa is a legit quarterback and Maryland does have some good offensive talent.

Now, back to Pry. Virginia Tech fans are ready to turn the page and during a difficult time Pry made sure to let Hokie Nation know things were going to be just fine. It’s only been a month, but Pry is pressing all the right buttons. He’s hiring a good staff with more good news to come and, for the first time in years, most Virginia Tech supporters are on the same page.