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Virginia Tech Hokies Football Coach Brent Pry Joins the Annual Snowball Fight

So, there is already a bit of a difference going on. It seems that spilling out of an athletic department SUV came a surprise to the students forming up their lines for the annual snowball fight on the Drill Field. Sort of different to say the least.

So, with the first snow comes the first snowball fight, and a surprise guest.
John Schneider - SB Nation

Guess Who Came to the Snowball Fight?

You got it. None other than new Hokie Football Head Coach Brent Pry and some of his assistants.

For the unaware, the big snowstorm that hit the East coast, doused Blacksburg with a foot of fresh snow right on “Spring” (Winter, actually. Tech barely manages a half a semester in the Spring) Move-in weekend. The warnings had gone out so most of the campus was back and the first snow of the season means the annual snowball fight is on.

It seems that somebody extra wanted to join in on the cold, blustery, powdery fun.

This sort of extra-curricular fun has been sorely missed by this fanbase and student body for a while. Good for Coach Pry, and good for Hokie Nation. It’s always good to stop and smell the snowballs, now and again.