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Virginia Tech football: Hokies hire Wisconsin offensive line coach Joe Rudolph

I know you are sick of hearing it, but this is ANOTHER big-time hire by Brent Pry.

Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

Virginia Tech head coach Brent Pry continues to make big-time hires for his new coaching staff. Last week, Pry hired Mike Villagrana as Virginia Tech’s new senior director of player personnel.

On Monday, Virginia Tech finally announced the hiring of an important on-field coach in new offensive line coach Joe Rudolph. Rudolph will not only serve as offensive line coach but associate head coach and run game coordinator. Rudolph comes to Blacksburg from Wisconsin, where he spent the past seven seasons as offensive line coach, offensive coordinator and associate head coach.

Folks, this is a big-boy move.

This is arguably the most accomplished assistant coach Virginia Tech has ever hired. We can’t count Bud Foster because he became a legend in Blacksburg. I can’t state this enough: Rudolph is a big-time coach, and it proves Whit Babcock wasn’t lying when he said the Hokies were going to make aggressive hires. As you know, hiring talented folks such as Villagrana, Derek Jones, Rudolph and others, takes a serious financial commitment.

As Hokie fans have suffered through some bad football over the past decade, did you ever think Virginia Tech could hire a sitting offensive line coach away from Wisconsin? For those of you not familiar with Wisconsin, the Badgers are known for producing outstanding offensive linemen. The running game is the foundation of their success, and Wisconsin perfectly embodies Big Ten football.

The addition of Rudolph has been expected for weeks, but the official announcement was held off until he could finish up with the Badgers. Rudolph not only spent the past seven years with Wisconsin, but he also played for the Badgers and spent some time in the NFL.

Since Rudolph returned to Wisconsin in 2015, the Badgers average over 200 yards rushing per game, ranking No. 5 during that span. So, that tells you the identity Pry is looking for from his offense. And, quite frankly, that’s Virginia Tech football. The Hokies’ best teams featured a rugged offensive line, talented running backs and elite defense.

I think we would all love to see that combination in Blacksburg again.

Rudolph has coached countless NFL players.

Virginia Tech is expected to name Tyler Bowen as offensive coordinator soon. Bowen currently coaches tight ends for the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

Rudolph should put the Hokies in contention for some talented offensive line prospects.

I can’t stress this enough, what a fantastic hire by Pry.

Welcome to Blacksburg, Coach Rudolph.