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Virginia Tech Hokies Trail the Carolina Tar Heels at the End of the 1st Half: 24-10

We knew that this was going to be a tough game, but Carolina’s offense has really giving the Tech defense fits. The Tech offense is doing

West Virginia v Virginia Tech
Not this time... the D just isn’t able to get consistent stops
Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

It’s been a really rough 1st half for the Hokies. The Offense is still struggling with much of what it needs to do to win this one.

The Real Problem

Grant Wells turned it over once and gave the Heels a really short field for a near free 7 points. The offense is proving that it can move the ball sometimes, but at nowhere near the pace that it needs to keep up with the Tar Heels.

The Story of the Game

Mack Brown spits in the eye of Brent Pry and goes for it at mid field on 4th and 7 and Maye connects with a deep pass to not only convert the 4 and 7, but also put the ball in scoring position for a back breaking touchdown.

The Reality of This Season

The Hokies are struggling everywhere. There is just nothing to lose if this coaching staff does something innovative and goes ahead and burns some redshirts to get some of them some serious on field experience.

The Hokies can forget the bowls, forget high powered attacks and fancy stuff. This team needs to learn. It needs to learn to drive the ball, pass downfield, run block, and not make mistakes on offense. The defense needs to put the younger guys in, take chances, put pressure on the quarterback, shut down the runs, and do a better job of disrupting pass routes.

None of that is going to happen with players “on the sideline” as overdressed cheerleaders. Brent Pry has a three-year contract and an impossibly short leash. He needs years to rebuild nearly everything, and the truth is that he only has months to do it.

NCAA football is changing rapidly and everything we see over the next two seasons is going to be a total throw away by 2025.

Hokies are not taking enough chances and they aren’t playing an offense that is going to keep up with most college football schemes.

The second half is looming.