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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Blitzes the Hokies’ Loss to Pitt

John has to do this one solo, there is a whole lot to talk about in 20 minutes, and some glimmers of hope appeared in a game that only got out of hand in the 4th quarter. GO HOKIES!!!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Virginia Tech at Pitt
Need to see more of the other receivers
Photo by Mark Alberti/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There Isn’t Much in the Way of Fanfare

No one that I know of was predicting a win. This ended up not being a blowout, and short of the fact that Tech could not tackle Israel Abanikanda (which is mentioned and mentioned again) the Hokies were in this game up until 4 minutes into the 4th.

There are no moral victories, though. We are used to the struggle with Pitt, but these last few games have been tough to take.

Might as Well Talk Turkey

A Major Beef Not in the Pod, But....

The coaches can be blamed for lots of things, but there is some level of personal responsibility for a bad situation that each individual player must accept and correct. This team was penalized for more than 70 yards during the Pitt game. TWO procedure penalties on the line of scrimmage, before the snap, knocked us out of field goal range. That wasn’t the difference in the game at the end, but they were major momentum moments that could have made a difference, including the fried drive at the end of the first half.

This is nonsense. Every player on the offense knows the snap count. Every player knows where the line of scrimmage is, and what he’s supposed to do in the play that’s being called. This team’s individual players are continually turning short yardage, or normal schedule field position into disadvantageous long yardage, must pass, situations. This has to stop if this team is going to successfully stop digging at the bottom of the well. This team is not good enough to overcome sloppy play.

Last week we called for some Hokie Respect in the fan base. Now we are calling for some Personal Responsibility and Individual Accountability from the players.