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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Post Game Blitz: Miami 2022

Join Jay and John for a quick overview of the game, and maybe a note of hope in the overall gloom of a struggling season. GO HOKIES!!!

Pass to the line of scrimmage results in getting there.
John Schneider - SB Nation

There is Hope, but Losses Still Stink

Well, it’s a bye week, and we’ve slowed churn just a little more slowly to give our sound editor Kathryn a bit of a break, but the Miami Game was a multitude of things, and that multitude of things needs some shaking out.

Bryan’s Five Takeaways was so spot on, it bears relinking, here to make sure that if you haven’t read it, that you do. We realize that this is a rebuilding season, BUT at some point, you need to win the games that you are expected to win. You also need to demonstrate some progress by showing that even if you end up hanging an “L” that you show that you were in the contest to the bitter end.

We guess this one was the latter example, BUT as we point out in both Bryan’s article and the Blitz, the Hokies had a real chance to actually win this one and still can’t manage to turn the corner enough to get out from underneath the wet blanket.

Let’s Blitz the Miami Game

The Show Goes on - Saturday

Since the Hokies have a Bye Week with the NC State game next Thursday, we’ll be giving our podcast editor a break. Up next for Talking Turkey will be the NC State Preview. John’s up for his big mid-season program level review and poll to be published Thursday.

In the meantime, look for our articles on the other sports going on this Fall. The Women’s Soccer Team is really playing well, and the men’s team seems to be encountering some of their football brethren's woes on the pitch. The Hokie Women’s Basketball team is about to start up, and the hype is building there since they are expected to go deep into the season and tournament. Men’s basketball is also warming up, and they are expected to go places, too.