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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Post Game Blitz: Last of UNC for 2022

Running a little late, but there was just a whole lot to talk turkey about. The UNC loss was predictable, but there were some bright spots. We are starting to see lots of new faces. That’s the future and the hope. GO HOKIES!!!

Kyree Moyston a DE from the future warms up for the wait
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Future is Now

Jay, Bryan, and John are stuck dealing with a team operating in a massive talent well with serious challenges ahead for the entire remainder of the season. It looks like with the Hokie Stone picks, the staff is well aware of those issues and is starting to open the door on the new players with new opportunities to excel.

No Doubt That This Staff Remembers Frank

This Tweet came out after Bryan’s article, but if you look at this staff, it’s worth noting the number of Frank Beamer players and students involved in this rebuild.

Finally, Before We Hit the Blitz

No excuses folks, but this is an eye-opening statement in a graphic from our friends over at 24/7. We are 0-0.

So, Let’s Talk About It

The Pitt preview show is in the can and being edited.