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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey and Some Winning Things: Basketball, Wrestling, Then-Football Predictions

Both Basketball seasons opened, and the grapplers start in for the winter season. Jay, Bryan, and John jump in to talk about winning teams, and then give their summary and predictions for the Duke football game. Time to switch sports and schedule. GO HOKIES!!!

The Hokie Bird is in the Cassell
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s Time to Do the Old Switcheroo of Sports and Scheduling

If you have a bowl bound football team, the live coverage goes on until New Year’s, but such is not the case for the Hokie football team this season. The woeful meltdown in the Georgia Tech game also melted the remaining chances for any sort of booger bowl invitation, and pretty much cemented the end of the season being Thanksgiving weekend at Lane. We’ll talk about that in the last segment of the podcast. That means we need to find something better talk over, and wow do we have good news on that front.

Virginia Tech Hokie Men’s and Women’s Basketball Lights an Afterburner

We do have some exciting stuff to talk about, and our three winter sports are certainly worth some lovely soothing salve for the wounds of a poor showing in the gridiron. Hokie basketball is certainly back, and both teams are looking stoked for runs to March Madness.

At the time of the recording, the Women’s team had just completed a total domination of visiting Mount Saint Mary’s with a 101-did-it-matter? score. It was a dominating performance for the starting lineup and Cayla King

set the three-pointer scoring record for the program. In fact, she started and drained the first points for three - and Tech never looked back.

The Men’s team played after the pod was put in the can and had a very similar outcome against Delaware State at 95-whatever. The game featured Wright State transfer Grant Basile draining 6 3’s and pumping in an additional 12 from various parts of the floor, plus grabbing a double-double by pulling down 10 boards. All of that without starting forward Justyn Mutts.

The Lehigh game (78-52 Hokies) featured, not only the return of Mutts with a nice double-double to start, but an excellent showing by Point Guard Sean Pedulla with 20 points.

Both the Men’s and Women’s teams are going to be exciting this season and we are going to talk about it. The women host Bucknell this evening and we’ll get that score and write-up to you soonest. We’ll be working out a publication schedule with our producer and once football season clears switch up our podcast schedule to match the new pace of basketball.

Let’s Not Forget Wrestling

If you want to run a marathon without leaving a modest sized mat, go ahead and join a wrestling team. It’s one on one and no excuses. The Virginia Tech Wrestlers start off the season just outside of the top ten at #11 and are looking to put some individual and team trophies in the case over at the Hokie sports museum.

They start their non-conference pre-season tournaments in Columbus, OH.

Let’s Talk Some Turkey

Time for You to Chime in


Who Gets Closer to the National Championship Bonus this Season?

This poll is closed

  • 12%
    Kenny Brooks has is strongest squad yet, Kitley, Amoore, King, Soule, and Owusu are going to dominate. They run deep into the 2023 Beeg Shew and have the best chance.
    (5 votes)
  • 7%
    Mike Young grabbed one of the best transfer players in the portal with Basile, and Mutts came back for his final. This team is underrated and ready to surprise. Young’s popcorn makes it past the Sweet Sixteen in 2023.
    (3 votes)
  • 15%
    Wrestling has already had Lewis win a national championship individual and he came so close last year. The team is solid and following Lewis’s lead might get Tony Robie that bonus.
    (6 votes)
  • 64%
    Not caring, in a good way. All three are winners and have a chance. All three programs are going to go deep into post season, and winning just makes us feel better, thank you.
    (25 votes)
39 votes total Vote Now

Oh, You Noticed

We didn’t poll about the football game. We’ll have a final football poll for our Commonwealth Cup Preview Show. But the chances that we beat Duke are pretty low. We are a double-digit dog, and the spread might be low. The football team has proven one thing above all else. It can neither hold a lead nor come from behind, late. With no finish, we are. (figure that one out for a cookie if we ever meet)

On to more hopeful fun things.