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Virginia Tech Hokie Women's Basketball Runs Away from South Carolina - Upstate: 79-24

Kenny Brooks got a chance to clear the bench and get lots of time for the players who often don’t get a shot at playing much. Tech still accelerates away from the Spartans. GO HOKIES!!!

NCAA Womens Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament Semifinals - Virginia Tech v NC State
She might be 5’6” but she’s a big presence. Aussie! Aussie! from your Hokie fans
William Howard-USA TODAY Sports

The Team Starts Off Classy - and Respectful: #HokiesForHoos

The Game was Never in Doubt

We were tracking the game on the live stats as we were recording the podcast, and before we had a chance to get a solid check on the score, the Hokies were over 20 points up in the first few minutes of the contest.

Coach Brooks started playing the bench, and Women’s Basketball fans got to see every name on the roster including Freshman Guard Maddie Vejsicky who played four minutes and managed a steal.

Blacksburg has a Pipeline Down-Under

So, we all know and love our Aussie Point Guard Junior Georgia Amoore who hails from Ballarat, Victoria, but not many folks picked up that we have another “Guard” - at 6’2” (right around 2 meters for our cousins down under) Charlise Dunn (also from Victoria) got some court time (14 minutes) and managed a steal and draining a three.

The Game was Heavy on Hokie Defense

The Hokie Offense was a bit scattered, and the shooting percentages were a bit lower than Coach Brooks would probably like, especially early, but the defense was stout. The Spartans just couldn’t manage more than a few buckets here and there, The Hokies tallied up fourteen, yes, a 10 plus a 4, steals and five shot blocks. With nearly everyone getting in on the ball thievery.

Starting Center Liz Kitley nabbed another double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds. She didn’t lead the scoring, though. Kayana Traylor put 17 points up, and she wasn’t the end of the double figure scoring list. Georgia Amoore (11), Ashley Owusu (10), and Taylor Soule (10) played well. Cayla King scored all of her 9 points off of threes.

But keeping the Spartans from putting the ball in the bucket was the main accomplishment for the Hokies last evening.

That makes both Basketball programs blazing out of the Winter sports chute with 3-0 records. The ladies head for the Bahamas to take on the higher level of competition presented in the big tournament to start the division 1 big opponent season; Kentucky and Missouri. They open their tourney against the Wildcats in Nassau on the 21st of November.

So, we have a little break while they wait to travel.