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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Phases Out Football and Concentrates on Winter Sports

Jay and John talk the Liberty game and then move on to better topics, like Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and the Wrestlers. The Hokies are starting to shine in the Winter sports arenas. So listen in... take the poll and GO HOKIES!!!

A Commonwealth Cup Game to Remember - 2018.
John Schneider - SB Nation (file)

The Liberty Situation Isn’t Being Hyped Much

You have to take the Twitter feeds with some level of salinity, but in most seasons by Friday the Twitter Feed for @HokiesFB is loaded with hype, announcing uniforms, #25 news (just today), and highlighting a few points of hype... and even some mild trash talk.

Kyle Lowe gets the #25 for Tomorrow’s Kickoffs

The feed is pretty quiet this week. It’s understandable but it makes these stub podcast prep articles a bit boring. Other than the series snapshot being a depressing browse through close contests and losses that should have never been, the only real item to notice is the display of VT badges with UVA colors in honor the tragic loss of the Cavalier student-athletes this past week.

So, We Step on the Clutch and Change Gears to Winter Sports

With the penultimate game pending on Saturday - and barring UVA justifiably bowing out of the grand finale on Thanksgiving - with no alternatives (as in the Marshall game a few years ago) the 2022 Hokies might not have a Senior Night. There is no telling, but the prospect is lingering and the impulse to just shut down and go home for the Holidays is an understandable temptation.

Well, there are other sports lighting the fires of the cold feeling Blacksburg late Fall. Both basketball programs are off to solid starts - at the time of the recording the Hokies hadn’t played ODU yet. Bryan’s review is pending, too. But Tech eked that one out (74-71) as the Monarchs flat ran out of time, and the Hokies got sloppy and careless enough to allow them to get way too close after the birds had led solidly for 38 minutes of the game.

Men’s Basketball

The Men’s team put some points up against the visiting William and Mary Tribe and managed a walk away double-digit win.

But the trip to Charlston almost took a first game detour. The Hokies played home team to ODU, and the Monarchs seemed to think not a whole lot of their early two-digit deficit for nearly all of the game. Tech went cold and a bit on the sloppy side. ODU got hot and tight clawing back all but 2 points of the deficit in the last 1:30 seconds of the game. With five seconds on the clock Hunter Cattoor iced it with two shots from the charity stripe. All we have to say is “whew...” and Mike Young has a bit of coaching up to do.

At this publication, the Hokies were leading Penn State around the half, but the game is close.

Women’s Basketball

The Hokies are currently getting ready to head to Nassau, Bahamas for a big preseason tournament against SEC opponents Kentucky and Missouri. The tournament begins on the 21st at noon so the Hokies will get some travel time and a bit of a rest before they head to the court.


Jay jumps into the wrestling news with both feet. Tech opened the season with a tight loss against a higher ranked Ohio State squad but came away with some close matches, and a few surprises. We’ll let you listen in to Jay talking about it.

Without Further Comment, Let’s Talk Turkey

Okay, Time for the Big Poll for the Week


What’s your favorite dish for Thanksgiving?

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  • 39%
    Are you kidding? What does this have to do with sports? But if you insist! Turkey... baked, roasted, fried, I don’t care! Just cook it and carve it... I’m eating!
    (11 votes)
  • 7%
    Turkey? Eat the mascot? Please... Dressing! Cornbread and Bacon... Sausage, mushroom and wild rice... good old fashioned herb and onions... I don’t care stuffing and real gravy for me.
    (2 votes)
  • 10%
    No one is going to admit it, but they all secretly wait for the green bean casserole with cream of mushroom sauce and French-fried onions... no one else eats it so I get it all!
    (3 votes)
  • 17%
    Just skip dinner... go straight to the desserts... pumpkin pie, apple pie a la mode, lots of "mode", blueberry pie, pecan pie... just give me lots and lots of pie.
    (5 votes)
  • 25%
    I am the Connoisseur of fine Starch. Mountains and Mountains of fresh hot buttery creamy mashed potatoes! With homemade gravy if you please...
    (7 votes)
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And Finally in Remembrance

As Always!