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Virginia Tech vs. Liberty: Gobbler Country’s staff predictions

Another long Saturday predicted for the Hokies.

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Duke Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

Did you ever think the Virginia Tech Hokies would be going on the road in November against the Liberty Flames — as underdogs?

That’s where we are, folks. What is even more sad and reflective of the current state of Virginia Tech football is that Liberty is a 10-point favorite. This is not slight at Liberty but more about how far the Hokies have fallen.

The Hokies have done some good things recently. Just not enough good things put together in one game. There is no consistency on offense. Virginia Tech’s passing game consists of go-balls to Kaleb Smith. You can’t make your living on go balls to get you out of trouble. Head coach Brent Pry essentially admitted as much about his offense this week.

Is this the week the Hokies end their losing streak, which sits at seven games?

Let’s see what the guys think.

Bryan Manning

It stinks to be in November and not even looking forward to football games. This will change soon, at least I hope, but it has not been fun this year. I really felt this team was turning a corner at N.C. State, but too many of the same issues continue to happen.

As for this game, I don’t think Liberty is a good matchup for the Hokies. Heading into this season, you knew Liberty would be a good team as head coach Hugh Freeze is legit, but you felt a rebuilding Virginia Tech team could still overcome the Flames, especially after what happened in Blacksburg a couple of years ago.

I believe the Hokies have a lead sometime in the second half of this game and it remains close, but the Flames will get a key turnover late and pull away to send the Hokies to their eighth straight loss.

Liberty 24, Virginia Tech 17

Jay Johnson

The Virginia Tech Hokies will lose.

27-13, Liberty

John Schneider

This should be an almost home win in a Lane Stadium north... Lynchburg is where our local ABC affiliate lives. Their CBS and NBC affiliates are in Roanoke. Our sports guys cover the Flames as well as the Hokies. This should have been a sail East Northeast to Lynchburg from the Hotel Roanoke... clean up... and head back to campus for dinner after clocking a ‘W’. Should be... It’s not going to be. Yes, there will be the bus ride, and the ‘W’ but the long round trip on the bus is the Hokies and the ‘W’ probably goes to the Flames. The Hokies just can’t get out of their own way. The offense is “poo-tastic” and Special Teams have been inconsistent - sometimes good, sometimes awful, but never confident and well coached. I don’t look for any improvement and in total “I’m from Missouri” mode. Frankly, Virginia Tech doesn’t have a prayer.

38-10 - Liberty