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Virginia Tech Hokies vs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Gobbler Country Staff Predictions

Well, it’s time for predictions and maybe a ray of sunshine in the expected gloom for Saturday. We are unlikely to be on the field since no one wants to drown a $400 camera. We’ll see about the view from the stands with the little camera. GO HOKIES!!!

Warmups for Wofford. The GT game was supposed to be a win, too. We’ll see.
John Schneider - SB Nation

The #25 was finally awarded to long snapper Justin Pollock:

In a potentially very wet and sloppy game the Special Teams crew had better keep its act together. Field position and center to holder/punter exchanges are going to be difficult with a wet ball and wet turf.

The Series has Some History

So, What’s the Staff Thinking?

Jay Johnson

The Hokies have spent the last five games facing off against teams that are more athletic and dangerous than they. This weekend I believe Virginia Tech will take advantage of the past month and a half’s incremental improvements and put together a complete enough game to earn a home win. The Hokies are expecting to see King back in the lineup, which is good because VT’s not expecting RB Malachi Thomas to be available after re-injuring his leg during the third quarter against NCST. GT has a hard time running the ball right now and will be dependent on QB, Jeff Sims, returning from an injury two games ago, to win with his arm. I believe the Hokies have an opportunity to turn it on for the rest of the season and that the experience they’ve gained over a grueling five-loss streak will serve them well. I think Virginia Tech has the potential to go off and put up some big numbers, but I won’t predict such an outcome until I see it with my own face.

21-17, Virginia Tech

Bryan Manning

The Hokies continue to surprise me every week — and not in a good way. Last week, they had an 18-point lead on the road against a good team midway through the third quarter — and blew it. How does that happen? The offense is brutal. The occasional splurge of success is cool and all but isn't going to win you many games. Had the offense somehow picked up a few first downs in the second half, perhaps the outcome would have been different?


Georgia Tech is in town Saturday. The Yellow Jackets aren’t very good, but they play hard. Getting rid of the overmatched Geoff Collins as head coach in September was a good first step. GT picked up upset wins over Pitt and Duke but has lost the last two games. This game will be competitive and likely decided by one score. Call me crazy, but I am going with the Hokies here.

Virginia Tech 24, Georgia Tech 20

John Schneider

There is no real predicting the outcome of any of these games with any degree of surety. The Hokies have been struggling with nearly everything all season. When one squad is up, the other is down, and the third is metaphorically on the bench. That has been a game to game and quarter to quarter issue. There is just no telling who is going to show up and play well, and what is going to happen, other than “it”.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are suffering worse than Virginia Tech in many respects, and their two pride wins after their interim coach was put into place seem to have burned off most of their steam. The problem is that the Hokies just haven’t developed much in the way of any sort of pressure anywhere. Even though both teams are woefully inconsistent, it’s looking like Virginia Tech is less inconsistent than Georgia Tech. Maybe we get a few things rolling and get some points on the board and keep GT’s offense in stall mode. I’m on the border between Virginia Tech scoring an extra field goal at some point in the game. I just see it as a slight bump over the spread and just a hair on the under...

24-17 Hokies

It’s Time!

Be bold and give us your predictions in the comments. Tech has nothing to lose except everything each game. Time for the coaching staff to find the good, innovative, exciting plays, and ditch the mediocrity. It’s time for the players to step up and discipline themselves to stop making mistakes.

It’s time to win one for a change.