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Virginia Tech Hokies Grab Another High School Wide Receiver Commitment: Chance Fitzgerald

Pry and Company continue their hard charge at the offensive side of the ball by getting a hard commitment from three-star Chance Fitzgerald.

We need receivers -didn’t have many in 2022
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Virginia Tech Hokies Football Team Has Less Empty Cupboards

There isn’t too much argument about the realities of the 2022 season. The grapevine is loaded with reasons for why the offense was so bad, some sources are pointing to the full or partial use of the old offensive playbook because the planned new offense was too much for the old talent. Some of the sources are saying that the talent wasn’t there to run any sort of offense worth a warm bucket of spit and disagree with the proposition that Bowen ran a modified, limited version of the old offense. Either way the end result was that Virginia Tech suffered mightily from an offense that flat out didn’t function in 2022.

The good news is that Tech is on the recruiting trail and making big strides at filling those critical slots in the depth chart. Today, Chance Fitzgerald, a Wide Receiver from Nolensville, TN committed to come to Blacksburg and play for the Hokies.

As a high school recruit, Fitzgerald looks to be a solid investment in the future. Remember, we said that the cupboard is nearly bare, and where it is the dustiest is at wide receiver. Chance looks to be a really good possibility for getting some redshirt starts in 2023, and spending time with Coach Mines - one of his recruiters, learning the new system and filling out that much needed depth (looks like a future 1 to me) over the next four to five years.

Check out his senior highlight reel on Hudl:

His stats are solid, and the enthusiasm behind his choice of Tech over Oklahoma State and Auburn (along with offers from Austin Peay and Arkansas State) are testament to Coaches Quinn and Mines.

We welcome Chance to Hokie Nation and cannot wait to see him on the field, maybe get some pictures, and over the next few years maybe one or hopefully more of those highlight shots we all covet.

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