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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey Goes Over Basketball and the Football Situation

Join Bryan, Jay, and John as they talk about the men’s and women’s basketball success, and the new exciting developments in the football recruiting effort. Take the Poll, GO HOKIES!!!!

Hokie Bird having some fun - the bird is always having some fun.
John Schneider - SB Nation (file)

The Basketball Teams are Seriously Good This Year

There isn’t much in the way of hemming and hawing, or excuse making for supposed light schedules (especially for the men), which forms the usual excuses for media types with votes not recognizing a team as good, but the non-conference parts of the season are closed, now, and the 100% ACC schedule looms with both women’s (#6) and men’s (#24) teams ranked. It’s flat out exciting. This afternoon the women’s team hosts their biggest game to date, 5th ranked Notre Dame.

Hokie Men’s Basketball

We are hitting up the men first for this one because they just finished a big win against a relatively good and very dangerous Grambling State Tigers team. The men are a mere 3 points away from being perfect and head off to Boston College to face off against the Eagles before the Christmas week break. It doesn’t hurt to be 11-1 and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they have won several games that presented very different problems that had to be overcome.

One big wag that the sports media has against the Hokies is a supposed weak schedule, but that’s not the case.

The “Quad 1” game total is 3-1 with the one loss being by a single bucket. Maybe if some more folks in the media take notice, and the huge 20+ point gap put up on Grambling State University this weekend, Tech will get some more voting traction. A big win in Chestnut Hill certainly wouldn’t hurt things, either.

Just a few highlights from Saturday’s game to refresh folks’ memories.

Hokie Women’s Basketball

At 10-0 the Hokies are rolling. They have been blowing the doors off of so many opponents that noticing them hasn’t been too much of a problem. Their starting ranking was solid at 13, but the steam roller that is currently building up even more momentum has gotten them to a #6 ranking in the AP and Coaches Polls. The big issue is going to be, today, at 4:00 PM, the Hokies are facing the Fighting Irish who are ranked 5th even with only 9 games and an 8-1 record so the Hokies are going to have to overcome tough play and inflated opinions.

It’s a good time to be defending the Cassell, and an even better time to beat Notre Dame.

Virginia Tech Wrestling

The Wrestling Team is off to a solid main season start with a close but tough upset victory over Missouri. Tech’s big names like these three guys:

Makes the season ahead look even better. The Hokies have all of the individual wrestlers on the team ranked in the to 25 for their weight classes. It’s an amazing stat for a team.

They hit the mats again this week, and we’ll be catching you up afterward.

In the Meantime, We’re Here to Talk Turkey

And Time for You to Sound Off


When you were young, what was the best part of the holiday celebrations for you?

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    Are you kidding? Santa Claus! Santa everything including the pile of fun left under the tree! Like the Beach Boys say - He’s the man with all the toys!
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    Family, great food, parties, the music, and the chance to step away from the drone of every day and celebrate with loved ones!
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  • 13%
    Football... college football... bowl games... booger bowls, mid-tier bowls, championship bowls, whatever bowls. You get to see teams that don’t normally play each other, and the potential of winning the office pool we won’t talk about.
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  • 13%
    All the great TV specials and movies... The Grinch, Charlie Brown, Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, A Christmas Story... Die Hard! Find me a stream to binge watch. Pass the hot cocoa and lots of marshmallows please!
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We’ll see about getting a recording out for Christmas Eve. It’s going to depend on Bryan’s and Jay’s schedules. Here’s a really big sports reminder to close out this podcast stub.

Hokie fall sports might have had a bit of a rough go, but the Winter sports crew is saving the season!