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Virginia Tech Hokies Doing Lots of Dancing in March. The Women are Playing, Florida Gulf Coast to Start

Well, it’s selection Sunday, and the men’s basketball team bull rushed into the Beeg Shew against the odds and the desires of the sports punditry. Now the Hokie Women’s Basketball team grabs their tournament #5 seed in the Spokane Regionals to play against Florida Gulf Coast.

NCAA Womens Basketball: ACC Tournament-Clemson at Virginia Tech
The Hokie Women have some serious game, too.
William Howard-USA TODAY Sports

The rumors were that the men had no chance at the “Dance” unless they took the ACC Tournament Championship. So, they did just that. The women’s team just missed their automatic bid by a tough loss against NC State in the Women’s ACC Tournament. Their season was nothing to casually dismiss, however. They played excellent basketball for the entire season, and their 23-9/13-5 Overall/Conference record assured them of a solid “at-large” invitation to the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Last season they made it to San Marcos and San Antonio, Texas, for the River Walk Bracket. They won the first game against Marquette, but the run ended against a very powerful Baylor squad. This season the Hokies are a better team with some post season experience.

This season, the Hokie Women received a #5 seeding in the Spokane Region. They take it out to the Pacific Northwest to play Florida Gulf Coast for a chance at a solid start on their road to the championship.

Huge congratulations go out to Coach Kenny Brooks for leading Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball to its second NCAA Tournament in a row. He has assembled and coached a special lineup of some amazing Hokies.

This team has the “IT” factor. Let’s see them take “IT”, one game at a time, right down to the wire.