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Virginia Tech Chosen to Host NCAA Regional Baseball Playoffs

Well it’s a good thing that Whit got the place spruced up a bit because the NCAA is showing up to play ball in Blacksburg, again. The local merchants are going to be happy, and the baseball team gets to play at home. GO HOKIES!!!!

NCAA Baseball Regionals Here in Blacksburg!
John Schneider - SB Nation (File)


It’s been since 2013 that Blacksburg has seen NCAA baseball playoff competition on campus. Whit Babcock’s going to be really happy that he worked with Atlantic Union Bank to spruce the place up, get quality concessions rolling, and put up a first-rate clubhouse and press box. The NCAA Regionals are coming to Blacksburg when the first pitch is called at English Field at Atlantic Union Park on Friday June 3rd.

Obviously, the Hokies are going to be selected for the NCAA Tournament, but the questions will be seeding and competition for this region. That event will happen tomorrow, and we’ll be watching to see how the regional tournament and grid will turn out.

Just so you get a little of the sour taste wiped away from the ACC ending. Here is a reminder of how good the Hokie Baseball Team was this regular season:

So, stay tuned it’s going to be a busy first weekend in June, and maybe if the guys get back on track it will be a busy 2nd weekend as well.

One thing for sure, the hotels, restaurants, and kitsch stores are going to be loving it for a while longer.