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Virginia Tech Hokie Football Pre-Season Starts with New and Old Faces

It’s finally August, and that means the football preseason is launched and underway. The team is back in the Beamer Barn, Fan Day is scheduled, and Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey is back to yakin’ about sports. It’s exciting times, in Blacksburg, again. GO HOKIES!!!

Fan Day is Back, more signed mini’s in the picture?
John Schneider - SB Nation (file)

The Pre-Season Lamp is Lit

You know when August rolls in, that the big event starts up in earnest. The Virginia Tech Hokie football team is reporting to Fall Camp, and the 2022 Football pre-season is underway.

Hokie Assistants are Making Themselves Noticed

And one name we should all be very familiar with. Having Xavier Adibi back with us is going to be a happy state of affairs.

Hokies Doing Something New and Different for this Pre-Season

The coaches are getting Mic’d Up this season. We are going to see more coverage from the practice sessions and lots more reporting of the goings on for Fall prep.

The Pry Era Launched in Earnest

There are still some positions being filled, and the communications staff is still getting sorted out, but one thing is for sure, Bill Roth is back in the booth with Mike Burnop and we’ll see the addition of sideline reporting and a new face from the University of Montana, Zach Mackey.

And Fan Day is Back

The Beamer Barn is going to be more active than usual on Sunday August 14th, because Fan Appreciation Day is back. The name has been shortened to Fan Day, but the event is still the same sort of thing; lots of Hokies getting personal face time with their football players and coaches. Who knows, maybe we need a mini-helmet or two of signatures for the season to add to the collection.

Follow the link to the Hokie Sports run down on what’s going on for the month. It’s going to be exciting, and it looks like there is going to be a steady flow of information and updates. Maybe, just maybe we’ll see some practice sessions or scrimmages to whet the appetite for Jumping.

Kickoff is 1 month away in Norfolk against ODU on September 2nd, which is no pushover as it makes its Sun Belt Conference debut.

Talking Turkey is also Back!

Bryan and I will be back in podcast mode starting later in the week. Our sound editor has returned, and we are eager to start recording podcasts. We’ll get an official post up as soon as we get our first session recorded and fixed by Kat so stay tuned. We are expanding the format just a touch and going to a full 30 minutes. Of course, the first topic will be the “only topic” that anyone cares about right now... The 2022 Hokie Football Season is here!

The Previews are still coming, I’ll be pushing out the Defensive Line article later in the week, and Bryan’s going to be addressing the most important part of the offense outside of the quarterback, maybe really more important. The Offensive line has new coaching and a mix of old and new players. There will be lots of things to go over and he’s covering it.

As Always!