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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey: Episode 2 Talking Roster, College Football and Virginia Tech Hokies

With Jay on the road, Bryan and John visit some roster and coaching realities, talk about not talking about the college football realignment thing. It’s Fan Day tomorrow, and it’s a good time for everyone to catch up with impressions of the first full week back. Listen in... GO HOKIES!!!

Hokie Bird is goofing around before the 2018 William and Mary Game.
John Schneider - SB Nation (file)

Concentrating on the 2022 Season Ahead

Face it, we aren’t getting a whole lotta love from the sports media this year. After the last false start, most of the media is sort of quietly writing off the Hokies and their brand spanking new coaching staff. It’s basically everyone’s rookie year at this level and these coaching assignments so the media expectations are set extremely low. Bryan and John (Jay was on the road and out of touch) go over some of the roster issues, talk about some of the coaching changes and what they mean. It’s just a general discussion of the topics at hand for the close of the first week of Fall Practice.

Ignoring the Elephant in the Room, for Now

One note as you listen, you aren’t going to hear much from us on speculation regarding college football realignments, professionalization, or compensation for now. It’s not that they aren’t juicy topics to discuss, it’s just that we are avoiding rank speculation in the absence of hard evidence. So, we are consciously avoiding any premature commentary. Don’t get us wrong, we really want to talk about the issues, but we are on the outside just like nearly everyone else in sports commentary world. Instead of floating guess, spreading rumors, or just yammering on about it, we are going to hold our tongues on the subject until we actually have something more concrete to talk about.

The New Everything is Going to be Exciting and Interesting Enough

The new Hokies are a team with some decent enough talent, but with no superstars and Brent Pry’s biggest mission for 2022 is finding enough three-star talent to fill out a three deep roster. game planning around its strengths and weaknesses, and critically getting some tough experience spread through the team.

So, Let’s Talk Turkey

We’re going to Fan Day as Fans. (At least John is going, and maybe sound editor/podcast producer Kathryn.) We have some mini helmets that need decorating and some of the squads to meet and greet.

Bryan’s got a Linebacker Review due out, and I am heading down the Special Teams list.

As Always,