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Virginia Tech Hokie Sports News and Updates from Gobbler Country

Well, it’s that time of year, and the term is underway so that means the Hokie Sports News Reviews start up in earnest. Lots of things to report on. One week until kickoff, but your birds are on the field and winning already.

It’s BACK!!! Brent Pry Brings Back the Lunch Pail!
John Schneider- SB Nation (file)

Football News

It’s back! We saw the Lunch Pail walk off the field with Bud at the beginning of the 2019 Wake Forest game. We had hoped the attitude hadn’t gone away, but it’s undeniable that after that game, the defense had its serious ups and downs - where too many downs were recorded.

I guess when Brent Pry came back, JC and PP Stuck around that it became obvious that something was missing from the picture. Well guess what it was, and I won’t let you have more than one guess.

All Hokies welcome back the LPD, now I’ll have to dig my maroon Lunch Pail Jacket out of the storage closet. Thanks to Coach Pry for bringing back a symbol of hard work and attitude to the field.

Dax Takes Us on a Tour

Grant Wells is Getting Some Attention

Perhaps a hint of things to come? You don’t make these unless someone is seriously taking notice. And the rumors are strong enough that this committee thinks that this offense is going to sling it around.

More Watch Lists and this time for the LPD

Dax and Tizzy are grabbing some Senior Bowl invitation attention which means next level attention, too. Stay focused guys but congratulations for the notice.

Coaches and Staff also Get Noticed

Just don’t get any ideas there, Mike. We need you to stick around for a while.

Women’s Soccer

The Women’s Soccer season has already started, and the Hokies played their third game against the Delaware Blue Hens who were also 1-0-1. Hokies are now 2-0-1.

Congratulations on the great start!

Here’s a little highlight from a first goal of the season.

Men’s Soccer also Started

This time the result was a bit disappointing with Tech searching to put something in the goal, and Grand Canyon managing to do it once in the second half. With no real “Friendlies” as game speed warmups it’s going to be a difficult start. Next up is UCLA so the level of competition in the tournament goes up.

That’s the review for the week. We have exactly 7 days left before the kickoff in Norfolk. The podcast will be up by tomorrow, so we’ll be talking about that and more.

As Always!