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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey: Episode 4 Talking Hokie Sports, Hokies in the Pros, and a Peek at ODU

It’s the show before the show before the kickoff. Bryan and John talk over some Hokie sports items, visit a bit about some of the things going on with former players in the NFL, and take a sneak peek at the ODU Situation. 6 Days until kickoff - GO HOKIES!!!

Wow is that a limber Hokie Bird or What?
John Schneider - SB Nation (file)


When it’s the week before the week before it’s sort of like the week before Christmas vacation, when you were in elementary school. It’s the longest and most boring week of the year.

This season there is just so much going on regarding football, we are seriously looking like lots of things are getting left behind. Bryan and John look at the start ups for the non-revenue fall sports, the Women’s Soccer team has been in action for either exhibition or collegiate play for a week. They have actually gotten some momentum.

We note the other sports starting times like Volleyball and Men’s Soccer, but as it always comes back to in the fall, it’s really all about football. We took a little break from college to check in on a few of our graduated Hokies to see how they were doing in the NFL. Needless to say, the better they stick, the better recruits feel about coming to Blacksburg to play college football. It’s a fact of life that we all need to live with, and it bears greatly on how well we can do in the uncertain future of big-time college sports.

Football Season Production Schedule

With the season here, we will be pushing out two pod casts a week for the regular game schedule. Bryan, Jay, and John will be recording as soon after the game as we can to talk over the game wrap for a single 20 minute or so segment. We’ll put the preview show up on the day before the game - which is usually a Friday but for the ODU game will be Thursday. The Thursday night games will have to be on Wednesday. Kat’s going to be busy with the production work, that’s for sure.

So, Let’s Talk some Turkey about General Hokie Sports Stuff

There’s always lots of “stuff” to chew over.

Next podcast will be the ODU Preview Show so be on the lookout for it on Thursday afternoon or evening. Meanwhile Bryan. Jay, and John are going to go get smart about ODU and their situation.