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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Boston College Eagles 2022 Edition: Official Game Thread

Well, it’s a wet day in Blacksburg. The crowd is still outside and the team was a bit on the late side of getting back down I-81 from their evening and night in Roanoke. It’s a big game. The Hokies can win. They need to. Time to chat it up.

First Home Game 2022 season. Boston College visits Lane in the rain.
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s Game Day in Blacksburg!

As I write this up it’s two hours before kickoff. The stadium is really quiet and the team was a bit late getting to the Hokie Walk point. Let’s hope it’s not a sign. Virginia Tech has its work cut out for it. The Hokies need to win. They need to prove that they are a bit more than the preseason hype and good feelings. We think they are, but it’s going to be a one game at a time process.

Game Day News

The Flag Bearers for the run on are:

Some Fun Stuff to Remind Us That this is a Game

The Weather is Wet and Drizzly

It also looks like it’s going to be relatively cool which makes wearing rain gear on the sideline a bit more in the bearable range.

Pictures, Promises, and Not Drowning a Camera If We Can Help It

John is covering the Press Box and the Field as the conditions permit so it’s going to be up to you all to comment. Don’t be shy it’s going to be a close game, you can feel it. Hopefully the rain stays light so that the camera doesn’t take a hit.

Kickoff in five minutes or so.