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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey: Post Game Blitz - Boston College

Bryan and John take 20 minutes to go over their impressions of the BC Game. There’s some team news, superlatives, and some Hokie football hype for you, too. GO HOKIES!!!

Phil’s no good very bad day courtesy of TyJuan and the #LPD
John Schneider - SB Nation

First the Superlatives were Concentrated on 45

TyJuan Garbutt really got some serious attention by the ratings service PFF, and the ACC.

Pro Football Focus has lots of odd categories, but there is little doubt that TG was the outside DL man on Saturday. He was everywhere in the backfield tackling anyone who had the ball.

Of course, the ACC had to say something as well. 45 was on fire on September 10th, and the Boston College Offense was seeing that number in its collective and individual nightmares.

The Game Ball Goes To....

It looks like Dax is rolling as the main captain of the team, and it also looks like the unanimous team choice for receiving the game ball was none other than Brent Pry, Head Coach of the Hokies. This was his first win as a head coach, and the guys let him know how much that meant to them.

Just a Little Reminder that #LPD is Back with the Same Ole Bad Attitude

So, Let’s Talk Some Turkey

Next up for GCTT, the Wafford Preview

Until then, as always!