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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Wofford Terriers: Predictions and Game Thread

Twas the night before game day and all through the town everyone was out buying anything white, and also edible. It’s a beautiful early Fall weekend in Blacksburg and there is a crowd growing, ready to have some fun. GO HOKIES!!!!

o, you’re with the band. We can certainly see that.
John Schneider - SB Nation

It’s time for some predictions from the staff. Everyone was hopeful last weekend, but the completeness of the victory certainly wasn’t expected. This weekend we fully expect to win this, but that’s not the point of this game.

As we have seen in the podcast preview, the point of this game is for the Hokies to get better before the grind starts on Thursday evening. Everyone is hoping for a solid game plan with some depth being exercised.

So, bearing that all in mind, here are the Gobbler Country Staff Predictions for the Wofford game:

Jay Johnson

The Hokies should have little issue dispatching the Wofford Terriers. I hope VT uses the game as a confidence booster and opportunity to get the second and third string players reps in a live game environment. I don’t expect the offensive playbook to be opened up much with WVU, VT’s biggest challenge of the season thus far, coming to town just five days later. As a result, I anticipate that coaches are approaching Saturday as a scrimmage and spreading out playing time without an astronomical score being put up.

35-7, Virginia Tech Hokies

John Schneider

Nobody is fooling anyone on this one. Wofford is usually pretty good within their conference (SoCon) but the past couple of years they’ve been struggling. At 0-2 and no points of any kind on the scoreboard, the Terriers are primed to get after us... Okay, I paid my homage to Frank, now for some reality. They haven’t much of a chance against our defense, and the Tech offense, even in vanilla mode is going to be a whole lot to handle. I am hoping that we get a good rhythm and flow workout for the starters, and they have piled up enough to get off the field as the half closes. Where the Terriers will have a chance to kill their skunk is if the 2nd half Hokie players are still a bit starchy and give up a score or so. I also don’t see Brent Pry running up the score, unless “stuff just happens” and we push the 2 TD a quarter barrier. Maybe some defensive and special teams points pop into the equation.

42-3 Hokies

So that’s it. Kickoff at 11:00 AM and we’ll be in the stadium taking pictures.


Bryan Manning

I expect to see the starters play into the second quarter, depending on the score, of course. Ideally, Brent Pry would like to see his starters play the first quarter and into the second quarter before giving way to some young players. This is the type of game where your starters work on issues, such as the passing game. Let Grant Wells be aggressive, and hopefully Jason Brown can take over in the second quarter, or after halftime. I rarely predict blowouts anymore because the past decade has been hard on us, however, the Hokies should win big here.

Hokies 45, Wofford 3