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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. West Virginia Mountaineers: Official Gobbler Country Game Thread

Well, it’s five minutes before kickoff. Bryan’s in the Press Box and John’s on the Field with the camera. It’s the first day of Fall, and the weather is definitely Fall in big shovels full. This is a big game and one that the Hokies are going to have to work hard for. There is some news, but this is for commenting... GO HOKIES!!!

Cadets woofing it up with Hokie Bird before the Sandman comes
John Schneider - SB Nation

The Number 25 Goes to: Chamarri Conner

Chamarri brings it on every play, and frankly you rarely see him out unless the offense is on the field.

The Weather Might Be a Story: It’s Fall

Weather Underground says that it’s going to be cool (60 or less) for the kickoff, and just settle into really cool by the end of the game; around 54, but note that the wind has really picked up, and will be blowing at a good 10 to 12 miles per hour. That’s not trivial folks. It’s going to make passing and kicking difficult or unpredictable.

The Uniform Purists will be Thrilled

It looks like solid Chicago Maroon helmets, maroon jerseys, and white pants for the game this evening.

The fancy shmanzy uni changes seem to have gone by the wayside. We’re just going straight up plain Jane smashmouth old fashioned Hokie Home Duds for this one. With no sighting of the pants on the notice, who knows? All Maroons? we’ll see that’d be cool.

The Hokie Effect is Different This Season

they are going for the North Half Orange and the South Half Maroon. Since most hoodies seem to be maroon, it’s going to be chilly for the orange folks unless they re-use their tee shirts over something warmer.

So, It’s Time to Comment!