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Gobbler Country’s Talking Turkey: Game Review Episode 1 - ODU

Well we have to go “there” after each game. Bryan and John do the tough thing and break down some of the bigger aspects of the ODU loss. Nobody really likes talking about “Ls” but that’s the job no matter what. GO HOKIES!!!

Hey Look! I’m a Wideout! BC - 2018
John Schneider - SB Nation (file)

First of all, a Memorial is in Order for a Great Fighting Gobbler and First Gen Hokie from my era. May our friend and fellow alumnus Cyrus Lawrence rest in peace.

He was explosive, exciting to watch and a key reason for the 1980 winning season, 30-0 trouncing of the Wahoos, and trip to the Peach Bowl. Thank you, Cyrus.

No Excuses are Begged

It was a tough opener and a very disappointing loss. The stats and the outcome were totally divergent. Coach Pry is offering no excuses, and only promising to clean things up and get back to work for next weekend.

So, Let’s Wrap Up and Talk some Turkey

The next podcast will be the preview for the BC Game. We’ll be there live in the stadium for the big kickoff. Hopefully it doesn’t rain, we have photo credentials to go along with the Press Box.