Graphix Place of San Jose


900 Camden Ave.

Suite 101-A

San Jose, CA 95124


(408) 414-6149


Graphix place of San Jose specializes in personalized pre-designed Birthday banners, Anniversary banners, Graduation banners and signs for all occasions.

We are a family-owned business with over 30 years’ experience in the Graphic Arts Industry.

From our experience we understand what is required to produce a high-quality banners and signs as well provide excellent customer service to our San Jose customers.

Several years ago, we discovered the lack of creative designs for personalized event party banners. There were limited designs for birthday banners, graduation banners, anniversary banners, engagement party banners, family reunion banners and other occasions. We took on the mission to interview and hire some of the best graphic art designers in the business.

As a result, we have a catalog of hundreds award winning pre-designed banners that our customers can personalize with their name, dates and in some cases add a picture. We are very proud to offer our San Jose customers beautiful banner designs for all occasions.

Fall in love with one our birthday banner designs that you will cherish forever.

Is one of your children graduating from middle school, high School or college?

Choose from over 100 graduation banner designs we offer. Oh, and yes you can request to change colors to reflect your child’s school colors.

It's your parents 50th anniversary and you want to make the anniversary party memorable for everyone.

What better way to do this is by having an anniversary backdrop banner for picture taking.

Here at our satellite office in San Jose, Graphix Place of San Jose we are proud to offer these different occasion personalized banner designs.

Please visit our site to experience creativity at its best.

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