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ACC releases new scheduling model which is good for Virginia Tech

The Hokies get Miami back as an annual rival.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC released a new scheduling model for football, and it begins in 2024. The ACC released the new seven-year model after the league added Stanford, California and SMU for 2024.

The ACC wasted no time in scheduling Virginia Tech’s first trip West. The Hokies will travel to Stanford in 2024. The Hokies host Cal in 2024 and first play SMU on the road in 2027.

Here is Virginia Tech’s ACC schedule for 2024.


  • Virginia
  • Boston College
  • Clemson
  • Georgia


  • Miami
  • Duke
  • Stanford
  • Syracuse

What’s the biggest takeaway from this new format? Miami is back on VT’s schedule as an annual rival for the next seven years, along with Virginia. While many Virginia Tech fans love seeing the Hokies play the North Carolina teams, Clemson and Georgia Tech, adding Miami was most important. The Hokies and Hurricanes have had some excellent battles over the past 30 years, many of which meant something.

North Carolina is also a natural rival for the Hokies, but if you could only pick two, Virginia and Miami made the most sense.

Now, this leads many to wonder, will the ACC even be around in 2030? That’s a question for another day.