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Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Florida State Seminoles: News Tidbits and Predictions

Well, it’s predictions time. Don’t be depressed. We are alerting you to be realistic in how you think about this one. There are many ways to “win” this even without one. GO HOKIES!!!

Practice kicking PATs for Special Teams
John Schneider - SB Nation

First, before we depress y’all let’s do a football program news survey.

The Number 25 Goes To

Derrick Canteen is a rising defensive star and has really made his mark this week on Special Teams. He’s going to be wearing the #25 tomorrow.

Great work, Derrick!

Hokies in the NFL

Given the importance to recruiting that the NFL prospects are for players, the Hokie Athletic PR Department is on top of it by keeping the Twitter and Facebook world up to speed on Hokies in the NFL. Last evening there was a big matchup between the Chicago Bears and the Washington Commanders.

Both teams have multiple Hokies playing for them. It’s sort of hard rooting for Kendall Fuller to past running back Kahlil Herbert, or Tremaine or Greg Stroman to clock Logan Thomas, but It’s a real showcase for some talent, intelligence, and flexibility coming from this program. The game result wasn’t one that Commanders fans were too fond of, but Logan Thomas scored a touchdown and led the commanders in receptions. Kahlil Herbert led “Da Beers” on the ground with Stroman and Edmunds doing their best impressions of tackling machines.

Just to remind everyone of the excellent work of the defense last weekend, Jurkovec is being replaced at Pitt’s starting QB position. Seems, that Nardo is trying something else. Perhaps this is one reason why.

And Now for the Tough Part. Predictions

Bryan Manning

I haven’t felt good about this game, and I still don’t. There are some positives to be hopeful about. Boston College isn’t good and almost beat FSU. The Seminoles have had some issues defending mobile quarterbacks such as Kyron Drones. However, the talent levels, particularly in the trenches, are just too much to overcome for the Hokies.

FSU 38, Hokies 17

John Schneider

I so much want to be wrong about this one. Not to dump on FSU which has rescued itself from flailing oblivion and is unlikely to stay in the ACC for much longer, but it’d be really, really wonderful to turn the odds makers’ predicted results upside down. That being said, and consistent with my preview, there is just not a huge chance of the Hokies winning this one; even eeking out a close win in a hard-fought contest.

That being said, the Hokies do have the capability of showing up big and making a real fight of it. There is still the possibility of a win, and I really don’t think that the spread is correct. In fact, it’s pretty insulting given the nature of FSU’s recent contests, and Tech’s last foray. Tech isn’t that bad, and FSU isn’t that dominant. And that’s what the Hokie players need to internalize and bring to the kickoff at 3:30 on Saturday afternoon.

If I were a betting man, and I am not - I don’t bet on squat. I’d take the Hokies and the points (now down to 23.5) and maybe put a side out on the ‘under’ by a scoach for this one. The Hokies realistic odds of winning improved last weekend, but that’s still below the zone. Let’s just hope for a good, solid performance, and some continued good growth and development for our very young team.

31-20 ‘Noles

So that’s that for this weekend. Stay tuned for Bryan’s takeaways, John’s Good, Bad, and Ugly, and the prep for Homecoming and the winnable contest against Wake Forest.